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5 Minutes with Mohamed Marsaoui

An interview with the founder and president of DigitaL4Win

Q: As the founder of DigitaL4Win, how did you get the idea to come up with this innovative platform for pharmacists? MM: After many years of experience in pharmacy IT, where I had always worked to improve the organization and the performance of the pharmacy. I realized that there was no comprehensive digital tool to improve practices and organization in order to boost the results of the pharmacy. This gave rise to the idea of creating DigitaL4Win, a global ecosystem that addresses the daily challenges faced by pharmacy teams. It is a collaborative platform that allows, for example, pharmacies to : - Manage their back office

- Manage their communication

- Optimize their organization

- Make their operational activity more efficient

- Improve their relationship with stakeholders and especially with labs

- And many other services DigitaL4Win is designed for pharmacists and their daily challenges.

Example of tools:

- The Quality Process

- The Invoicing and Electronic Invoicing Module

- The Shared Agenda

- Management of the Relationship with the Labs

- The Contact Notebook (Cahier de Liaison)

- Recurring Tasks and To-Do

- Connected probes and real-time monitoring of fridge temperatures

- And many more.

Since our first rollouts, our customers have provided us with valuable feedback to make DigitaL4Win ever more efficient and comprehensive. In this respect, DigitaL4Win is a constantly improving product because it is our clients who drive our development roadmap. We therefore take advantage of all the flexibility we have as a start-up to carry out said


Q: How does this platform help pharmacies? MM: Excellent question, let me give you some insight. First of all, knowing that the most widespread digital means of communication are certainly interesting for the Pharmacy, they are in no way in conformity with the questions of safety required by the profession. They also pose problems of scattering and even loss of information in the follow-up of projects. From this point of view, our Liaison Book module allows to answer all these questions with a targeted and personalized communication. DigitaL4Win allows the sender to follow the consultation of a message by the targeted collaborators. I quote as an example, the case of a regulatory information, where the holder could check if the whole team has read the message in time.

Then, DigitaL4Win allows pharmacies to optimize the management of their relationships with their partner labs through a dedicated module that includes functions for managing trade marketing, back-discounts, invoices, etc.

DigitaL4Win also assists pharmacies in optimizing their invoicing process through its Invoicing Space module. We are proud to be able to divide by 3 or 4 the processing time of invoices, thanks to our first use case of Artificial Intelligence. The interoperability between the different modules of DigitaL4Win, ensures an automatic and efficient communication between the team members, for example: the rejection of an invoice for a laboratory, automatically generates a visible dispute in the "Management of the Relationship with the Labs".

DigitaL4Win is a unique platform because of the width of its offer, its ability to adapt to each pharmacy and to gather all the tools necessary for the development of the pharmacy.

In short, DigitaL4Win is the solution that brings the right information, the right action, at the right time and to the right person. I would be happy to share with you other services that DigitaL4Win provides to help pharmacies. To do so, please sign up for a demo session on the "Be Contacted" section, and specify that you have read this article.

Q: What are your plans for 2022?

MM: Among the many areas of development of DigitaL4Win in 2022, I can mention only 3, which are not confidential.

The first one concerns the opening to other sectors, because it must be emphasized that the particularity of our platform is that it is multi-sector and multi-trade - the proof being that DigitaL4Win as a start-up is using its own platform. It is the interest from various professions (such as start-ups and law firms) that has influenced this development axis.

As for the second development axis for 2022, we are working on 2 new key services:

- The Invoicing Space, which we are continuing to develop towards Automated Accounting and thus enable pharmacies to manage their activities in real time.

- Bank Reconciliation, which will allow pharmacies to provide proof of payment for trade marketing operations, discounts, credit notes, invoices, etc.

Finally, the third area of development that I can mention concerns the extension of the platform internationally. It is an opportunity for us to export DigitaL4Win, which relies on the expertise of the French pharmacy, to other regions of the world.

Thank you Mohamed for answering all our questions. It is a pride for the DigitaL4Win team to work together every day on this exciting project.

MM: Thanks to you!


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