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🤔 How does it work? 🤔

Our platform provides a variety of tools 


  Lab Relationship Management

• Invoice Dematerialization

• Shared Agenda

• Shared Notebook

• Recurrent and To-Do Tasks

• Quality Management

• Connected sensors and real time monitoring of fridge temperature

• And so much more!

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Simplified collaboration

Time saving

Instant performance report


Une information de meilleure qualité 

Des relations avec les partenaires plus fluides

Une centralisation de l’information pour éviter les ressaisies

Une équipe concentrée davantage sur le cœur de métier

Des échanges internes plus fluides

DigitaL4Win is unique due to its broad range of features, its ability to adapt to each pharmacy and its combination of all the tools required for pharmacy growth

Easy installation

Performed by our experts, explanations and advice given. 


Trade Marketing

View and manage your operations in just a few clicks.

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Version de l'appli mobile pour les Pharmaciens

Mobile app

100% mobile, designed to facilitate access to the platform, and for you to be even more productive.

Notification and alerts 

Fluid and light interface

Team collaboration 

Harness all of D4Win's power at your fingertips

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"The perfect solution!"

It was time for a specific offer to be offered to us to optimize our management, save time and focus first and foremost on our core business: delivering the best healthcare service to the patient. 


Xavier Schneider
Customer for 2 years


Ils nous font confiance

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We support you step by step in the digital transformation

from your pharmacy.

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