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How to Improve Business Collaboration (with 4 Tips)

Collaboration "is the act of working or thinking together to achieve a goal."

Successful collaboration is vital to the sustainability of any business. It is also considered a driving force for innovation.

Successful collaboration promotes team productivity. The more structured the collaboration, the more the team is encouraged to adopt a communication behavior through feedback, sharing of knowledge, resources, best practices, etc. Simply, anywhere, anytime.

Here are the 4 ways to significantly improve collaboration in business:

1 - Organize your tasks between collaborators

One of the basic aspects of collaboration is to be able to define the tasks of each team member. It is crucial for any company to know who does what and when.

It is therefore important that in your company, you have a system to track the completion of tasks called "To-Do". This To-Do list, sorted by project, priority, concerned collaborator with an integrated communication (comments, added documents, etc.).

2 - Having a storage space and management of electronic documents

The other important aspect of collaboration is the secure and easy sharing of documents through an Electronic Document Management (EDM) unique to the whole team. This reduces loss, scattering, forgetting, etc. We have a project view, which is very useful to keep a professional organization to facilitate the collaboration of the team.

3 - Organize around the team's availability

Another important aspect of team collaboration is to be able to organize your schedule around your team's workload. This is the shared agenda that allows you to keep the team informed of the appointments already made and the availability of each member. It is a method that optimizes the organization of the team because it allows to have a synchronized calendar of all the members of the team with all the events.

In this way, there is more flexibility and agility in making appointments, and consequently the company acquires the improvement of the services it offers.

4 - Implement a unique digital communication system

Finally, the last aspect of improving collaboration is the optimization of the communication channels used by the team. Today, we are witnessing a scattering of these means through different tools: emails, sms, and different social networks, which reduces the efficiency of the team. However, having a digital communication tool that ensures the diffusion, analysis and permanent exploitation of information communicated to the team around projects and customer relationship improvement, is a guarantee of collaboration, efficiency and therefore prosperity for the company.

Choose a collaboration improvement platform to boost your productivity

A collaboration improvement platform like DigitaL4Win, allows you to meet all these challenges:

- Via the To-Do function, to group and collaborate around team tasks.

- Via the Electronic Document Management (EDM) to share documents.

- Via the shared calendar, where everyone is informed in real time of the team's availability and of appointments made with customers and partners.

- Via the Digital Notebook, to communicate effectively without spreading yourself too thin and avoid forgetting things.

DigitaL4Win is a global solution that allows you to gain in performance and time, while providing the right information, the right action, at the right time and to the right person.

Do not hesitate to inquire about other services that DigitaL4Win provides to help companies boost their performance.


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